Please eat delicious jibies without habit. Izakaya Takano

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Takano is store that Everyone Builds.

Our shop is a bit fashionable and cheap Izakaya.It is a big welcome even for a party at a crowd! It 
may be a bit narrow but I will satisfy you with cheapness and courteous attention! 
What I want to eat is not on the menu If you can 
make it, I will make it, maybe I’ll make it a menu 
Anyway, if you came to Takano, please enjoy it!

- What is Jibie -

Jibie meat is 
French, meant meat of wild birds and beasts that were hunted, captured and hunted as food.The flesh of 
animals traveling around Noyama, grown in nature, has few fat, 
muscle and low calories Besides, it is a high protein and fibrous, and its 
nutritional value is high, so it is the best ingredient for diet and health food.

- Reason why there is a habit -

The first place why the Jibie there is a habit, but is a part of, 
the reason is the public generally and blood is involved 
, but it is said, the animals were also hunting in addition to whether it is a breeding season 
of on whether , The difference is huge.


- Characteristics of Takano's Jibie -

We use what we got in Fujieda, local fishes we offer at our shop.When we purchase it 
we will check to see if there is a habit, so we will offer it to our customers.Therefore, we 
were not good at making a habit even if you’re that 
you can eat in comfort. so 
“it was a weak until now.” and “no. that eating habit is afraid” 
to those who say what, I would like you to eat Jibie of Takano. 
nutrition and healthy 
If you eat delicious jibier with high price, you will love it if you like it.

Grilled meat


Roast Venison (deer) ・・・790yen
Roast san grué (boar) ・・・790yen
roast beef ・・・790yen
One-piece hamburger steak (2 pieces) ・・・790yen
Four sausage of deer and boar ・・・790yen
Takanosaki (boar, deer) ・・・1,980yen
* The content varies depending on the season and the purchase situation of the day.
Assorted wild boar meat ・・1,290yen
Assorted venison meat ・・・1,290 yen
One-piece hamburger steak (2 pieces) ・・・790yen
Negishio beef tongue ・・・890yen



· · ALL 300 yen


Assorted soybean pickles Assorted 
bean sprouts Namulu 
Corn butter 
Kanikama Mayo ae
Chanja cream cheese



Caesar salad · · 590 yen
Chooregi Salada · · 590 yen
Japanese style salad ···500 yen
Pickled potatoes of yam · · 390 yen
Zakutto cucumber (plum flavor) · · 320 yen
Cucumber garlic pickled in soy sauce ···300 yen
Tomato slices · · 350 yen


Takano no japanese rolled omelette
* Menta topping + 100 yen
· · 690 yen
Horse sting · · 690 yen
Mature deer · boar’s ham and cream cheese · · 690 yen
Homemade potato salad · · 490 yen
Temporarily boiled boiled egg · · 200 yen


Fried food


Fried potatoes 
(consommé · sour cream · salt kelp)· · 490yen
fried octopus · · 420yen
Shizuoka specialty black flip flop· · 490yen
Deep-fried chicken· · 390yen
Ebisen···300 yen



Fluffy TKG 
Soup chazuke
Today’s pasta ・・・600円


Cheesecake · · 350 yen
Chocolate cake · · 350 yen
Ice cream 
(vanilla or chocolate)
· · 290 ye

Please feel free to contact us if there is a food you want to eat that are not on the menu. 
I do not know put out, but I will try!


Shimada Omura Shuzo

Onnanakase Junmai Daiginjo 
Sake +5.0 
1 cup 1,290 Yen 
half 700 yen 
Shimada's famous sake named 
softer Soft scent and faint sweetness

Numazu Takashima Brewery

Hakuin Masamune Dry 
exclusive Japanese rice Japanese liquor degree +8.0 
1 cup 650 yen 
half half 400 yen 
A good dry spirit of sake A 
solid taste remains

Yaizu Iso boast brewery

Iso jiman
Honcho Sake brewery degree +6.5 
1 cup 550 yen 
Half 350 yen A 
little dry and fruity scent A 
taste without tiring taste

Shigeta Fujieda Brewery

Shida Izumi Brewery 
Japanese sake degree +3.5 
1 cup 650 yen 
Half 400 yen 
fragrance discreet, any dish is suitable

Kakegawa Doi Sake Brewery

promotion brewing Japanese sake degree +4.0 
1 cup 650 yen 
Half 400 yen 
Tender sweetness and refreshing taste

Whole lemon sauce 
Enjoy the fragrance and taste of refreshing lemon
Whole Lemon Sour ···500 yen
Secound Sour ···300 yen
※ Sour substitution will be added only for the second soup and after the sour


Local sake

[draft beer]
Asahi Superdry · · Medium / 490 yen
Shandygaaf · · 490 yen
[non-alcoholic beer]
Asahi Dry Zero … Medium / 350 yen


Lemon sour 
grapefruit sour 
Plum sour 
lime sour
· · 390 yen each


<Liqueur> · oolong · soda 
cassis / peach × · orange · milk· · 420 yen each

Plum sake

Rock · Water · Soda Discount· · 350 yen each


Takano’s Recommended Wine (Red · White) · · · Glass / each 350 yen
Takano’s Recommended Wine (Red · White)


Black Nikka High Ball 
Ginger High Ball 
Cork High Ball· · 390 yen eachFujieda highball· · 490 yen

Non-alcoholic cocktails

Lemon squash 
cassis milk 
peach oolong
· · 350 yen each

Soft drink

Oolong tea 
Orange juice 
carbonated water· · 300 yen each